Learn the formula that will take you from a “personal development junkie” into a:

Manifesting Machine

So, your dream life awaits you…

If only you could work out the perfect “formula” for making it all happen.

Should you…

Say Daily
Do a daily
dose of EFT?
Get into some
Goal Writing?
Do some Vision
Maybe you’ve dipped in and out of these methods, but nothing has really stuck.

Do you ever see other women lead effortless lives and wonder why YOU can’t have everything on your dream board?

After all, you’ve been reading personal development books for years, you’ve walked on fire, and tapped a callus into your temple.


Why does it feel so hard?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily turn your biggest dreams into ACTUAL reality… every time?
Has this ever happened to you?
  • You set a massive big goal
  • You’re excited and nervous.
  • You write it down in your journal. Share it with your friends. Maybe come up with an affirmation or two.
And then… Nothing.

The procrastination sets in. The resistance screws up your plans. You get a speeding ticket in the post unexpectedly. Your website shits itself right in the middle of a launch. Your partner starts acting weird… Maybe it’s not just the right time? Maybe the Universe is conspiring against you? Nope.

It’s not that you suck at manifesting.
You’re just missing parts of the formula.

Let’s get real –

here’s how to fail at manifesting:
  • Read personal development books that tell you to FEEL abundant but never give you practical actions on what to DO in the real world.
  • Chant mantras until your ears fall off but you’re still stuck on what to do next.
  • Sit on the couch and wait for money to fall from the sky. (JK, I know you don’t do that!)
  • Make dream boards but getting paralysed about doing basic things like emailing clients or opening your bills.
  • Tell yourself “I AM RICH, I AM RICH” when every cell of your body screams “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU.”
  • Giving up as soon as the resistance hits because “the Universe doesn’t want you to be successful” (hint – resistance is REAL and totally normal.)

Mantras are great, affirmations are wonderful

but it’s not enough to be a great manifester.

There’s a PROCESS you can learn that takes you step by step through turning your dreams into reality. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to manifest – whether it’s the perfect client or a soul mate. You have to be aligned in every cell of your body. Otherwise it’s always going to feel hard.


The most common manifesting mistakes women make:

1. Thinking that we have to “deserve it”

The Universe doesn’t care if you deserve it or not – but waiting to be perfect before you’re allowed to have everything you want is holding you back.

2. Waiting for permission from someone else

Only YOU can make your dreams come true – whether it’s an outrageously profitable business or your soul mate but I’m happy to give you a permission slip if you need it.

3. Waiting for the “stars to align”

I’m as into astrology as much as the next girl but seriously, we have to STOP using Mercury Retrograde as an excuse to not live your dreams.

4. Thinking that manifesting is airy-fairy

It’s not. Manifesting can be incredibly practical if you know how, and even the most non-airy fairy people use these methods!


You don’t need to be perfect, meditate five hours a day or chant naked under a full moon to manifest your ideal life

But you DO need to CLEAR your mind of any blocks, get CRYSTAL clear on your goals, infuse every part of your day with positivity, take inspired ACTION and learn to RECEIVE (yes, it’s a learned process – women really struggle with that part.)

But hey – get naked if you want to. I’ve got something better for you though…


Manifesting just means “make real.” It’s not magic.

I love magic but unless you’re literally a magician, you’re going to need a little “real world” action.

That’s why you’ll love the super practical realness of my manifesting formula. It tells you exactly what to do step by step to create “magic” in your life – so much that people will call you a “lucky bee” and wonder why everything is falling into place for you.

The Lucky B Manifesting Course is the most comprehensive “how to manifest” course out there – with no fluff, no esoteric mumbo jumbo and designed exclusively for ambitious and intelligent women like YOU who have massive life and business goals.

What if you had a formula that could make your dreams real?


Well, check this out:

The Lucky B Manifesting Course is an online audio program that takes you through detailed steps that you can follow to manifest like a MOFO.


Michelle Hext

Amazon Best Selling Author, Mentor, Coach & Founder Of The Art Of Kicking

It’s crazy how fast things turn around when you change your focus… It works!

Success Story

As most women do I headed to this course because my back was against the wall financially.

I was losing sleep over mounting bills.

I wanted to manifest $5,000 so I could get my nose out in front again to give me some breathing space so I could once again focus on my business instead of being constantly frazzled and stressed about finances.

It’s crazy how fast things turn around when you change your focus.

I had an online business that I hadn’t been doing much with, I also had a digital product I’d let lay dormant. I put together some offers and opened up some coaching spots and then sent this to my database. These things were right under my nose but I couldn’t see them right in front of me until I set the intention through the course and just made it happen.

I know that the manifestation of $5,000 wasn’t going to be that I woke up one day and saw an extra, unexpected $5,000 in my account but that I would attract the means to make it happen.

I ended up with an extra $7,000 that month. I think the biggest aha for me is the tie between decluttering and manifesting.

Now this is my go to.

When I’m feeling lack, I start clearing, my desk, my wardrobe, my handbag, my purse, my car, my cupboards, pretty much anything that isn’t tied down!

I also declutter the “noise” in my head and for me that means a brain dump on paper, listing out every distracting thought and dealing with them.

When I do this the flow of money and opportunity comes flooding in.

It works!!


In a nutshell, here’s what we’re going to cover...

Step One


We all know that goal setting is incredible powerful, but most people are doing it “wrong” or in a way that unconsciously sabotages what you REALLY want.

Are you getting mixed signals or attracting random opportunities? Are you like “WTF Universe, that’s NOT what I asked for…?!” Perfect – we’ll get you CRYSTAL clear on what you REALLY want (especially if you’re feeling confused or fogged about your goals.)

You’ll learn the right way to define your goals in such an exciting way that you’ll start to magnetise what you want towards you.



In Step One we’re going to cover...

  • How to declutter every part of your environment (physically, mentally and emotionally) so that you are clear to receive and manifest outrageous success.
  • Techniques that you probably already know and plenty you don’t, but I make them easy to follow and implement.
  • Easy forgiveness techniques for yourself and others – this is non-negotiable and probably the thing that most women resist – but it really creates MAGIC.

Bonus meditations on how to clear even the most crazy old crap from your mind. Checklists on how to unemotionally assess where you’re at with your lifestyle, body and your physical environment. The system I use to clear up my inbox, and more!


Mounia Berrada-Gouzi

Visionary Coach & Change Catalyst

She takes the mystery out of making money and breaks with a lot of the conventional “rules” of how we should make money. For me, this course was a total game changer.

Success Story

I used the Lucky B Manifesting Course to manifest 3000 Euros in a matter of 12 days. I started by setting the intention that I wanted to make 3000 Euros in cash by the end of December 2014 (back then it was mid November). The amount was a stretch for me but I believed that it was possible for me to manifest that amount in 6 weeks. Little did I know that it would only take 12 days to manifest that money!! I followed all of the steps Denise teaches in her course, including decluttering old beliefs, doing the forgiveness work, noticing the money already in my life, and then letting go of the “need” to have the money.

On the 12th day after sending out the intention of wanting 3000 Euros, I received an e-mail from one of my clients asking to hire me for a total amount of, guess what?! 3000 Euros! She wanted to pay me before the end of December because of some tax-related things they had to deal with. I was over the moon and totally in awe that I was able to manifest the amount I desired to make in such an easy and effortless way. To me, it was a miracle and it has transformed changed the way I think about money, wealth and abundant living.

Ever since starting Denise’s course, so much has shifted for me. I have stepped into my value, reclaimed my power and have made some big leaps in my personal life and business. Denise’s course is by far one of the most empowering courses out there, especially for female entrepreneurs who are done with just scraping by and desiring to make a big impact whilst also making a big income. I am so grateful for her work and this course and I encourage any woman (or man) to take the leap, make the investment and sign up!

The amazing thing I realised was that everyone can learn this and that it is simple. Denise makes this knowledge about manifesting money so accessible. She takes the mystery out of making money and breaks with a lot of the conventional “rules” of how we should make money. For me, this course was a total game changer. The biggest thing I learnt about myself and manifesting in this course is that it works for everyone and that it does not have to be as hard as is commonly believed. Manifesting is fun, it is rewarding and with practice, it is as easy as breathing.

The knowledge I gained during this course made me feel empowered to take responsibility for my life and wealth consciousness and to know that I can rewrite my money story anytime. Nobody teaches us this. All we get told is to work hard and follow the rules. So hearing someone like Denise lay out the steps to more abundance has been life-changing and incredibly empowering.

Another thing I learnt about myself is that I was the one holding myself back and that naturally, I had the power to shift my beliefs, remove my blocks and break through to the next level of wealth and abundance.

I learnt that we can have anything we desire with the right mindset and the right tools. Denise’s courses delivers on both of those aspects. Her course should be a pre-requisite for anyone wanting to run their own business, live abundantly and in alignment with hers/his true self.

Step Two

Decide the Details

AKA Extreme Goal Setting

Decluttering your life physically and emotionally is the foundation you build. Otherwise you will keep repeating patterns over and over again.

It’s probably why certain goals have felt hard to you – there was underlying beliefs and “stories” that were working against you.

The energy you will free up will allow you to consciously manifest amazing things in your life. You may not even be aware of the energy you expend in these niggling concerns – they just run in the background of your mind and block the flow of success and abundance.



In Step Two we’re going to cover...

  • Get clear on what you really REALLY want for your life, and discover how you’re getting exactly what you’re asking for.
  • Learn to build your manifesting muscles – and why you’re already a fantastic manifestor.
  • Set a daily practice that could make you a millionaire (if you choose).
  • A distinction between goals and “preferences” that will absolutely shift the way you set goals forever

Inspiring guided visualisations, step by step goal setting techniques that really uncover your true goals and daily practice sheets that make it super easy to stay on track.


Dana Gatziolis

Healthy Lifestylist & Country singer/songwriter

Within a few days of listening to the audios I started taking inspired action on my goals.

Success Story

The Lucky B Manifesting Course really rocked my world. Within a few days of listening to the audios, I started taking inspired action on my goals. A dream of mine forever has been to be a professional singer/songwriter. I realized that this dream was in me for a reason and that I do deserve to dream this big.

I believed in myself, the muses came rushing in, I wrote tons of songs and just released my first single on iTunes! During the course I also launched my health coaching website and gained two sales in a week.

I’m confident that I can do anything I put my heart into. I loved the idea of placing yourself in the life that you want to be living. I imagined myself having already accomplished my goals, and that shifted a confidence in me unlike any other. The exercises on forgiveness were huge game changers for me too.

I LOVED THIS COURSE. Thank you!! Will do it over and over.

Step Three

Positivity Infusion

AKA How to create good vibrations ALL THE TIME!

Good feelings create good feelings. It’s as simple as that. The biggest secret behind manifesting and using the Law of Attraction is how you allow yourself to feel. Emotion is a huge part of attracting what you want.

You can think about your goals and dreams all day long, but when you get into the feeling place, things can happen so quickly your head will spin!

I want you to leave nothing to chance, so you’ll discover all the automated and LAZY ways I use to get myself 100% aligned with my goals… without thinking about it.



In Step Three we’re going to cover...

  • How to easily infuse every part of your day with good vibes, without moving to an ashram and meditating 12 hours a day
  • The pieces of jewellery and other totems in my house that literally transformed my life and my secret behind being a crazy competition winner
  • How I use many low and no-cost resources to fill up my manifesting well DAILY that honestly give you the biggest edge in your manifesting
  • How you can start to live your abundant, healthy, loved up lifestyle NOW even if you’re on a… ahem, less than abundant budget. Basically champagne living NOW on a box wine budget

33 of my favourite ways to create positive and automatic “anchors.” My best resources for creating inspiring visual aids and my personal “play list” of go-to pick me up videos and song lists.


Tania Usher

Editor, Publisher, Adventurer

My biggest lesson from the Lucky B Manifesting Course is you have to trust, surrender and KNOW Ms Universe is aligning everything to make it happen.

Success Story

For several years, I’ve been dreaming of my ocean view house on a hill. Visiting open home, after open home. We ‘lost’ two homes and while disappointed at the time, I trusted there was something better. It wasn’t until I started focusing on the power of manifesting, that it happened.

We found the dream house with ocean and creek view from almost every window in the house. We put in a ‘crazy’ offer which was accepted and in under 30 days we were in! AND, within this first month of living here, two local real estate agents have both advised us that they’d sell the house today for an additional $100,000. So as well as manifesting our dream home, I’ve manifested $100k in a month 🙂

Happy, happy dance!! My biggest lesson from the Lucky B Manifesting Course is you have to trust, surrender and KNOW Ms Universe is aligning everything to make it happen.


Pat Romain

Coach and Launch Strategist

I actually used the Lucky B Manifesting Course to have more travel in my life. I just wanted to travel but I had no idea how that was going to happen. That year, I went to NYC 3 times, I got invited to Puerto Rico (all expenses paid) while I was vacationing on a nearby island! It’s all me! the magic is all there for me to tap into and there is a lot of practicality involved, meeting the Universe/God half way by doing the ground work. That’s awesome!


Claire Louise Hay

CEO of Be Healing

I’m so committed to the inner work it requires to manifest my dreams that I manifested a luxury house on the water, if as if that wasn’t amazing enough, then I manifested living on a luxury yacht with my new partner. My biggest aha was the way that I was holding myself back from everything I wanted. You know how it’s easier to see other’s issues than your own? Well hearing the stories in the Lucky B Manifesting Course was just the reflection I needed to see what I was doing to myself.


Dr Melissa Wright

Leader of Hearts

I manifested my life partner, a hotel and a whole new life in India! I left my job and bought a one way ticket to India. Two weeks into the trip I met my life partner and now we are running a hotel, doing voyages of self discovery on camel safari and getting married! Next up I’m manifesting a beautiful child. In the Lucky B Manifesting Course, I learned that everything is possible once you clear the crap away and believe in yourself and the Universe.

Step Four

Take Inspired Action

AKA Get shit moving!

Nothing will happen without action. You know that. However, inspired action is the real key to moving forward and making big quantum leaps. That’s why steps 1-3 are so important – most of us try and take action and then wonder why we feel so blocked!

But this time, you’ll learn how to make things happen very quickly!

This is the week in which you’ll swallow your fears and bring your goals into the real world. It’s YOUR time and you’re ready for the next step.



In Step Four we’re going to cover...

  • How to take action without majorly upsetting your life or alienating your friends and family
  • How to easily decide which step to take next and PULL opportunities towards you
  • The team you need to start building around you NOW, not some mythical future when all is well
  • How to jump back on the metaphorical horse when things are NOT going to plan – especially when unexpected “crap” comes up
  • How to balance quality time in all areas – ensuring that you’re not burnt out and cranky

The life-changing guided meditation that will give you ALL the answers to what you should do next, my system for getting things DONE and an accountability checklist so you know if you’re on track.


Melinda Dunlop

Social Media Manager

I love having these tools to use and revisit when I feel out of alignment. It’s one of the best courses I’ve done.

Success Story

I’m a single mum and for years I’d been wanting to take my boys on a holiday. When I signed up for Lucky B, I wanted to manifest the money for the holiday.

About 6 months after doing the course, I attracted many things into my life including a free business course and also a couple of fantastic ongoing clients who are a perfect fit and who I love working with. Then, I received a very unexpected lump sum of money which was enough to cover my holiday. I was tempted to stash it away for a ‘rainy day’. but I realised that I had received EXACTLY what I asked for and that the money was not for a rainy day, it was for the holiday! That very day, I flicking through a magazine and saw an ad for a great holiday package deal that was 50% off the usual price. So, I booked the deal and I booked the flights and paid for all of it in full. That was such an awesome feeling!

While we were on holidays, I received another unexpected amount of money and I was able to extend the holiday by 2 nights and spend a few extra days lounging by the pool. We also enjoyed having extra spending money for lovely meals out and some shopping. It was an amazing holiday and I’m so happy that I was able to take my boys on a fun family adventure!

The biggest aha for me was about taking action and being really clear on what it is that I want to manifest. It’s not just about saying “I want more abundance in my life”. Initially, that’s what I focussed on and I sure did receive abundance… in the form of oranges! My neighbour had visited her family farm and returned with a big box of oranges for us. So we had an abundance of delicious fresh orange juice for a week!

As soon as I got really specific about what I wanted and why, I started to take bolder actions towards those goals and everything seemed to fall into place for me and I received what I wanted. I love having these tools to use and revisit when I feel out of alignment. It’s one of the best courses I’ve done.

Step Five

Learn to Receive

Honestly – most women SUCK at really truly receiving all the good the Universe has in store for you.

What would be possible for your life if you gave yourself permission to really shine and accept all the gifts that are coming your way?

Expanding yourself to new and even greater heights isn’t selfish or unrealistic. It’s a necessary part of being human – we’re always changing. So, the wonderful thing is that you can go straight to the start every time you want to manifest a new goal.



In Step Five we’re going to cover...

  • What to do when life feels like it’s getting worse, not better (this CAN happen when you’re moving into a new direction)
  • How to deal with the guilt when things are going “too good,” especially when other people in your life aren’t living their ideal life
  • How to get out of the impatient feeling when you want something SO BADLY
  • Living life with grace and ease now – and how it can magnetise what you want even quicker
  • The counterintuitive truth about the Law of Attraction – unless you get this, it’s always going to be an uphill battle

Enjoy these additional gifts all designed to help you manifest your dream life


I take you through a powerful creative visualisation of your ideal day in your ideal life. You’ll really see and experience it! The more you live in the experience of your ideal day, you’ll start to believe it until one day, you’ll wake up and realise that you’ve created it for real.


We sometimes carry the wounds of our childhood into our present lives, which affects our ability to manifest a beautiful life Even if your wounds aren’t obviously on the surface, it’s a beautiful meditation to create unconditional love and acceptance for your true self.


Stuck in an old situation? Dealing with a negative person in your life? You need to cut the cords! This exercise takes you through a simple, but powerful meditation to safely cut the energetic cords between you. Safe but effective, you’ll feel lighter than ever.


Without a doubt the most powerful meditation I’ve ever created. A daily play of this creative visualisation will rapidly change your life and start in motion the opportunities you need to create it into reality. I can’t wait to hear your results on this one!


Forgiveness is the most powerful personal development tool ever. Forgiving the hurts of your past will change your life. This meditation will guide you gently and beautifully through the forgiveness mantra based on the Ho’oponopono philosophy.


Heal your relationship with your body so that you can move forward with unconditional love and acceptance. Get your cells in alignment and create success from the inside out. Do this meditation nightly to renew and create self acceptance.


Jenna Ward

Kinesiologist & Coach

I learn that activating my riches right now created space for more abundance to flow in. I do really freaking love this program.

Success Story

I freaking love the Lucky B Manifesting Course – I do it again and again. I’ve manifested a cruise around the Mediterranean, my dream studio to work from and the insight and courage to completely revamp my business.

Because I KNOW that it’s safe for me to make wild choices. I now know, in every part of my being, that I can’t “earn” security. The awareness this program has given me about creating space for abundance has been beyond awesome.

Every time I up-leveled new clients would book in. It was like magic – buy some new underwear… New client books in. Use the gift voucher for a massage (instead of saving it)… New client books in.

Every time I choose to live the way I desired to live, ANOTHER new client would book in. I learn that activating my riches right now created space for more abundance to flow in. I do really freaking love this program.


Jennifer Burrows

CEO of Remote Accounting

As soon as I started with just one of your manifesting techniques I had a jump in business and my company income grew! Focusing on the money coming in would bring more money coming in. (I sort of already knew that but your Lucky B Manifesting Course put it together for me.)


Phillipa Kiripatea

#DreamBig Business Coach

Using the Lucky B Manifesting Course I manifested $800 within half an hour, from 12:30am – 1am! I needed the money for something I wanted to pay for that was due and it came in just in time. I’ve always been a skeptic of manifesting, so my biggest aha was that manifesting actually works!


Hayley Gray

CEO of Leadership Girl

I used the Lucky B Manifesting Course to manifest new clients, income, gifts in kind, and more. I learned that if I concentrate on things, then they tend to manifest. When I lose my focus, things go out of focus, and don’t work as well.


Learn how to apply the Manifesting Formula with these awesome cheat sheets, on topics like:

  • How to attract new clients
  • How to manifest your dream house
  • How to sell your property
  • How to attract your soul mate
  • How to win competitions
  • How to lose weight
  • How to manifest exciting work opportunities like interviews and P.R.
  • How to attract new, like-minded friends and mastermind buddies

These are practical step-by-step resources to apply the Lucky B Manifesting Formula to specific goals in your life. Plus there is an opportunity to create a case study of your own for the whole Lucky Bee community and showcase your business!


Ann Charles

Radio Trainer & Consultant

It helped to ease the panic of a stressful situation.

Success Story

I arrived in New Zealand on a dream working holiday trip with no home and no work.

I used the Lucky B Manifesting Course and found both within ten days.

Not only that, but the job was a perfect match and they invited me back for another contract a few months later (got an even better house, that time!)

The Luck B Manifesting Course helped to ease the panic of a stressful situation – no matter how adventurous we feel, having nowhere to live can induce mild anxiety! Following the steps calmed me down and gave me focus along side the other practical steps I was taking. That short, sharp actions every day can have big results.


When you get clear on the mental “stuff”, manifesting happens almost effortlessly.

When you get energetically and emotionally clear you can create ANYTHING that you want.

Not without some effort – but it won’t be hard because you won’t be unconsciously sabotaging yourself. Nothing is holding you back except YOU – and that is the toughest thing to overcome because you know ALL your own fears and weaknesses. But nothing will budge and it will ALWAYS feel hard until you release all the negative mental “crap” holding you back.


Andi Rondestved

Life Coach

The Lucky B Manifesting Course changed my life!

Success Story

A year ago I was diagnosed with a depression. During that time I came across Denise’s Lucky B Manifesting Course and it changed my life!!

I created a Vision Board containing my goals for a brighter, happier future. I then started to manifest one wish after another. It’s been the most amazing journey so far!!

I’ve manifested with Denise’s techniques to sell our house with a profit, I’ve manifested an immigrant visa for the country I will shortly move to and right now I’m manifesting the career I love!

Denise gave me so much and I will always be grateful that she brought back the light in my darkest hours! I’m now waking up in the mornings and I can honestly say I fell in love with life all over again!!

My biggest aha was when I realized I can totally design the life I’ve always dreamed of and that nothing can hold me back from creating anything I desire! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Denise!! You’ve helped me to come back on my feet and to be so happy and full of plans again!!

Learn the tools I use daily to manifest everything on your dream board.


I have personally used this formula to manifest a pretty incredible life.

If you’ve read my first book, Lucky B, you’ll hear how I manifested 6 months all expenses paid travel. This was my first attempt at consciously applying these tools to a specific goal.

Most people think that I must have grown up rich, under a lucky star or maybe I’m really great at saying affirmations.

Nope – I just follow the formula when I want to create new goals.

Recently, I’ve used it to buy my dream house (when I didn’t have the BIG deposit ready), to drop two dress sizes, attract speaking gigs, and more.

Learn how to finally stop WISHING and instead learn how to consciously manifest EVERYTHING you want

Have you heard that old proverb... “If wishes were ponies, beggars would ride?”

What about: “if wishes were shoes, we’d all wear Monolos.”

Wishing isn’t enough.
Affirmations aren’t enough.
Lighting an abundance candle isn’t enough.


Marcela Macias

Food & Product Photographer & Stylist

I started the Lucky B Manifesting Course and the next month was my best month in business!

Success Story

I started the Lucky B Manifesting Course and the next month was my best month in business, AND I won a scholarship to B-school. I had so many AHAs! I dug deep into the source of my blocks, and discovered things I wouldn’t have imagined – and by bringing them out in the open, I was able to heal them. I also realized new ways in which I sabotage myself. This has been amazing because now I keep a list of sabotaging behavior next to my desk with a big WATCH OUT sign.

It sounds funny that it helps me identify resistance much faster and tap it all out!

I also manifested tons of discounts and freebies. Whenever I wanted something, either the money appeared or I would get it for free or with a reduced price.

It’s time for you to STOP WISHING and truly step up to the woman you are supposed to be. All of your biggest goals and dreams are within reach.

Just follow the formula and it’s YOURS.
It’s your time and you’re ready for the next step.

Denise xx

P.S It really can be that simple. The formula isn’t “hard” but it’s just a specific process to follow to really “make real” your ideal life. Learn the secret of Lucky B's and get on the manifesting train. WHOO WHOO!

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